James Fitzgerald



A photographer from Colorado. After having lived in Utah and Arizona. My life seems to revolve around the Four Corners area of the American southwest.


I started photography in 1971 with a 110 Kodak instamatic camera, a little clamp, some colored cellophane and some flash cubes. This allowed the creation of nonsensical images of everyday things. I didn't know the rules, didn't know there were rules, just lines shapes and tones.

Eventually, after seeing and studying Masters works from Wynn Bullock, Minor White, Edward Weston and more recently Carolyn Guild, Black & White photography has become a passion, and the creation of fine Black & White prints my goal."

James' work has received a single image spotlight award, Black & White Magazine, Issue 99 October 2013, single image award, Black & White Magazine, Issue 101 February 2014. Awards from the International Photography Awards as well as the Exhibition of Photography, San Diego, California.

James Fitzgerald



black & white photography

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